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Digital Printing. When You Need It Fast.

How can digital printing help me?

Digital printing offers a cost effective solution for small and medium runs. It is possible to print exactly what you need. This can be done very quickly and in some cases while you wait if it is an emergency situation. For example, sometimes a business will run out of brochures, business cards or stationary or a restaurant will need menus immediately. A small run can be printed digitally and used immediately while you wait for the larger order to be completed with our traditional offset printer which is more cost effective for large runs but may take a few days to complete.

Quality is very good and products like rack cards, bookmarks, post cards, posters and restaurant menus look fantastic. Items like these can be finished very quickly and therefore can be ordered as a rush emergency service. We can have products ready in a few hours to be shipped the same day or in some cases while you wait.

Over time digital or on demand printing has become more economical allowing for larger runs to be completed digitally. When you need it fast we can deliver it thanks to digital printing.

History of digital printing.

Print On Demand (POD) originated in the late 1980s as a strategy to produce books, magazines, marketing materials, newsletters, and other printed material in run lengths that were smaller than traditional offset printing could economically accommodate.

The introduction of the high-speed digital production printer ushered in a new era in the graphic arts industry. Since its start, digital printing has continued to evolve and today provides a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to traditional offset printing.

Digital printing is the process of taking digital files and outputting that file directly to the printed page. Unlike traditional offset printing, digital printing on demand eliminates the need to create film and plates, thus reducing the overall production cycle time. Hard-copy files can be scanned and placed into a digital library along with digital originals to print materials Just In Time. Printing on demand allows a print buyer to order an exact number of materials, and have them printed, bound and shipped in a matter of days, if not hours.

Digital printing has historically been dominated by black and white technologies, but four-colour technologies are currently available. Digital printing lends itself perfectly to versioning and customization. Variable data can be implemented so each printed piece is completely unique. Direct marketers can achieve One-to-One marketing by leveraging digital printing technology.